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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Food poisoning

I am slowed down by a mild attack of food poisoning. Night before last, slowly mounting nausea drove me from bed to bathroom. Vomited just the once. It was a vivid reminder of the ferocity of gastric hydrochloric acid. I have no doubt it killed the bacteria - but the toxins they emitted are lingering on, along with the immune reaction they provoked. 
Had to struggle through the day yesterday and slept with deep unconsciousness from 8pm 'til 6.30. It's noon on day 2 now and my appetite is still poor and energy levels low. Those bacterial toxins have triggered a tidal wave of immune proteins that have found their way to my brain and are issuing orders. Rest! Eat lightly! Conserve your energy while we deal with the toxins in your body! I am hoping that my immune system will soon complete its job and allow me to return to normal. All I can do is wait.

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